How to Catch Him Cheating On You

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Love, affair, romance are the relations of opposite sexes and every one like to be loved truly from hi fellow. Cheating and flirting are also a big reality that mostly people face during their affair with their partner. Boyfriends are more likely to cheat their girlfriends in practical life, but we also how some girls are cheating their husbands or boyfriends.

We bring some simple rules to check either your partner is cheating on you or it’s just you imagination. So get ready to catch him cheating free of cost without paying any detective.

  1. Check his mobile phone all incoming and out going calls on daily basis, consider any call more then 3 minutes highly suspicious.
  2. Smell his t-shirt you may find the fragrance of some ladies perfume there.
  3. Check his credit card bill; especially check if he buys any female item.
  4. Check his e-mail if you know the password.
  5. You can follow him on weekend nights.
  6. You can also install a spy app in his mobile phone which will tell you the exact location of your husband.

In some other post we will share the signs of a cheating husband.
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