How to Delete Facebook Account Forever

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Do you want to permanently delete or deactivate your Facebook account immediately? The procedure of deleting a Facebook account is very easy, before telling you the procedure let find out why so many people really want to deactivate their Facebook profiles.

Facebook is still on the top position in social networking race, may be in near future Google Plus beat the Facebook but nothing can be said before time. Facebook is an open community for everyone to join free. Facebook members belongs to every country in the world and several time it get banned in various Muslim countries because Facebook support various Anti Islamic activities and it cannot bear by Muslims. Respecting religious beliefs of every person is the responsibility of every human, but Facebook violate this rule and this is one of the major reason why Muslim users do not like to have a Facebook account. Beside this issue non Muslims also leaving the FB because they are not respecting their privacy.

How to deactivate Facebook account?
A user can deactivate his Facebook account directly from the setting page. This action will temporary delete all your account information and disconnect your connection with your Facebook friends but a user can restore his deleted Facebook account any time by giving the basic information about his deleted account. If you want to delete your Facebook account permanently then you have to submit a separate application for this process.
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