How to Play qwop Game on Iphone

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Playing QWOP game for the first time is impossible, so many users just quit playing qwop because they believe that this game is impossible, yes its true that this is a hard game, especially when you are playing QWOP on your iPhone or iPad, because qwop apps for Apple devices is somewhat same as PC version. You must first understand the strategy of qwop before playing this game.

Qwop is an Olympic game in which you have to practice and prepare you player to run on Olympic running track, mostly players loose their player on the first boundary line.

Qwop can play only with 4 keys QW (for practicing thighs) and OP (for calves). This is a 1001 meter long running game; you have to jump at the end of race and this way you become a National Hero. You can start this game by pressing space key and on IPhone it is started by clicking on start button.

Always use P and Q keys to get top position on first line track, later you can use the combination of QP and WO to complete further destinations.
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