Independence Day Greetings SMS Quotes

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The one day life of free loin is better then the 100 years life of a prisoner jackal.

Independence is the vital right of every human being.

An occupied nation cannot survive at all.

Live in independence for one moment is better then living under control of someone.

14th August is the Independence Day of Pakistan and 15th August
!! is the independence day of India, both countries have very close relations but governments do not care about people personal feelings and always talk about war and terror. A very Happy Independence Day to every Indian and every Pakistani from the core of my heart
!=- -..(*..-=_;

Live long die hard, best wishes to every independent country in this world.

Slave nations do not know the blessings of independence, a struggle for independence may give them the meanings of their occupied lives.

The secret code of perfection of every nation is hidden in their struggle for their free land.

You cannot get freedom without passion of death.

Hope you guys like these Independence day wishes, now its your turn to send these greetings to your family and friends through mobile text messages, you an also post these quotations on your Facebook wall or Twitter account with the reference of this blog.
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