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Facebook is a book which gives you information about your friends and also update about their social and personal activities. There are several uses of Facebook, like some person using Facebook for online dating, some for business, some for advertisement, and some for marketing their product or services, some for true friendship, some people use this social network for just a time pass because they have no other activities.

Some people on FB only use it for making some fun with their family members or friends. In this post we collect some most funny and bit insulting comments that people post on their friends Facebook walls.

If you do not make any post on my wall than I will tell the whole Facebook community about what you did last summer.

You are so handsome, loving, caring, kind hearted and beautiful person I ever met in my life. This is a text messages that my girlfriend send me today, why you are feeling happy.

Every person have some good and some bad friends, I got confusing about you.

Do you hear the breaking news on BBC that Obama want 5000 donkeys in Afghanistan to war against Afghani?  Hurry goes and joins the troop.

Your top 3 good qualities which I want to mention on your wall today.
These are blanks, why? Because you do not did any good work in your whole life?

Tell me, you blood group, its very urgent because a donkey got injured in a swear road accident and doctors want a blood bottle to save his life; I am waiting for your urgent reply.

Oh so pity
   \ ^ /
     \ /
You are looking like a fused bulb after breakup with my ex girlfriend.
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