Mobile Number of Katrina Kaif

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1st Friend: What is the real mobile number of Katrina Kaif?
2nd friend: Do you know what, last night she was shifted into hospital emergency?
1st friend: No I don’t know, tell me what happened to my lovely Katrina?
2nd friend: Yaar she was asking my mobile number and I refused to given and she got a minor heart attack.

I cannot live without you, if you do not accept my friendship proposal than I will shoot myself… SENDER: Katrina Kaif +9142001764800 Message centre: +9192114209211420” This is not for you so do not be happy, this is a special message for me from personal number of Katrina Kaif.”

Good night my dear friends:
If you are my male friend then I wish for some Bollywood actresses come into you dream, like my favorite Katrina Kaif. If you are a female, then kindly do not ask me to come into your dreams.
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