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MySpace login page can be acceded by Facebook and Twitter ids too, so if you face any login problem at than try to login with your alternative id. You can use your alternative id of Facebook or Twitter only if you already integrated your account with any of these ids.

You can also earn money through your MySpace profile if you have a big circle of friends on the website or if your profile page drive a heavy traffic from Canada and US regions, there are several ad programs are available on the Internet that let you advertise their products or services on the main page of your MySpace profile with your fans and friends.

The most famous and prominent profile on this social network is made by Justin Bieber, who is a Canadian singer who join Youtube and MySpace to launch his first video song, you can also join Justin Bieber on his MySpace profile page.

Android app for MySpace is a stunning and 100% free application that let you login and connect with you MySpace friends directly from your Android device and start sharing video links are chatting with them.
Now days this is a dying social site because MySpace users are migrating on Facebook and Google Plus. They can still improve their features and get back their lost users, but it needs a lot of technical development.
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