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Once upon a time there was a Larka, He was living Chup Chup all the day. People ask him “OO Kanjra ki gal ay?” but he did not replied to anyone. One day a naughty girl first break his head then his both arms then legs, Ha na sad story ikk sonay se statue ki

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif was sitting in a restaurant and taking dinner. Katrina was drinking Coca Cola and Salman was eating chiken, suddenly he asked Katrina, Meri Shadi kab ho gi?

Husban: After a long period of time, yesterday night I saw a scary movie
Wife: What you seen?
Husband: A monster witch was walking around me all the time
Wife: Oh, what the name of that movie?
Husband: Meri Shadi ki movie thi

Sardar wife to a Police Station
Sardar wife: Inspector sb mera husband last month bakray ka meat lenay gya tha, he do not come back, what I do?
Police: No problem, you must cook chicken then.
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