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Paypal login page scam issue is not an old issue; so many people around the globe lost their money from their Paypal accounts by login on a fake Paypal login page. These pages are developed by fraud companies on the Internet that give you attractive options, like double your Paypal money today by completing this survey, answer easy questions, claim for lottery, etc. These fraud people are very clever and they discover new methods of snatching Paypal money by various unbelievable methods. Simple and mostly new Internet users become the victims of these fraud people.

How to make a secure Paypal login or sign in?

  • Always go to direct link of Paypal,
  • Do not se you Paypal account on public networks, like net cafe or university computers.
  • Always update your Antivirus on regular basis.
  • Do not email your Paypal password to anyone through email or on Facebook.
  • Always try to use alpha numeric and special characters in your password.
  • Do not login your Paypal account through unregistered or unverified mobile apps.

Hope the above instructions clear your mind about various questions related to security risk about your Paypal id. Pay pal is the world biggest online service that let you send or receive money on the Internet without using your credit or debit cards. United States, UK and India are the top three countries in the world with maximum users at Paypal website. Paypal do not allow every country to participate for their free sign up process, like users from Bangladesh, Cuba, Pakistan, Maldives, etc are not allowed to sign up for Paypal account. A user with this account can withdraw their amount from Paypal to their local banks any time.
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