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Leave a Comment login page mostly down on the end of every month, may be their bandwidth limit got exceeded at that time or they made some real time backup which make their server slow. Plentyoffish is one of the most widely used dating site, this website was started in 2001 by some American company, which offers a free dating service to Canadian and US people but now their services extends to the whole world. Still 65% of Plentyoffish users belong to United States and the rest belongs to India, Ireland, UK and Australia.

Unlike ordinary dating sites, Plentyoffish is more trusted website because during their registration process they must verify the identity of each user. You can also read various testimonials and reviews about pairs who get married through Plentyoffish on their official forum. If you also met your life partner through Plentyoffish, than you can also share your complete love story with rest of the world on the forum of Plentyoffish official website.

If you are single than no problem, Plenty of fish is a better place than Facebook or any other social networking website if you are looking for your soul mate. A millions of males and females of every age from all countries re registered on Plentyoffish with genuine profiles and you can also see their photos on the profile.

Plentyoffish or POF do not charge for their dating services, you can sign up for a free account on their site, they charge from advertisements, you see on their site.  You can also download their application on your mobile phone for an easy login option.

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