Portal 2 Walkthrough Guide

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Portal 2 is an awesome game which is full of  puzzle and thrill, the first version of this game made a great business since its launching in the games market place, now the game officials Valve Corporation released the second version of this super mind blowing game. Portal 2 PC versions is not as popular as compared its popularity with PS3 and Xbox 360 game users. You can also make a big fun by playing this game on your Microsoft Kinetic device, which give you a real thrill.

Portal 2 Walkthroughs and tips:
Portal 2 puzzle game is consist on 10 stages which are also called Portal 2 chapters. Each chapter is played on a floor and every floor has a specific strategy plan, you can complete any floor without knowing the exact walkthrough because there are hundreds of puzzles are ready to tease you on every floor.

Chapter 4 “The Surprise” and chapter 9 “The Part Where He Kills You” are the considering the most difficult chapters of portal 2.

You can join Portal 2 forum at gamespot where you will find expert users of this game, these users share their experience and easy walkthrough guides with newbie users. You can also watch video streaming and video tutorials of hardest chapters of this game.

Portal 2 is not a free game, you need to buy a genuine license if you want to install this game on your computer, but before downloading this game, first have a look at system requirement of portal 2 game on the official website. You can also get an Android app for Portal 2, IPhone application of this game works well on IPad.
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