Possible Reasons of Steve Jobs Resignation

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Today the hot news in tech industry is the resign of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple inc. Steve Jobs is a talented person who start his career in high tech industry many years ago, on his special abilities he become selected as the CEO of Apple, actually he is the man who is the real founder of IPhone technology and Apple IPhone is considering as the biggest invention of 21 century.

Now Apple is currently working on various important projects including IPhone 5 and IPad 2. The IPhone 5 release date is also coming up in next few months but now it may take more time to final release.

Steve Jobs salary is 1 $, yes only one dollar. I don’t know about his motive behind the logic of one dollar salary but one thing is clear that he made millions or may be billions through IPad and IPhone sales. Now have a look at 3 most possible reasons of Steve Jobs resignation.

  1. He got too old and wants to take some rest now.
  2. Steve Jobs girlfriend betrayed him and he just tired from every ting including his job.
  3. He got a better job of CEO in Microsoft.

Well, what ever the reason behind his resign, we do not care because we are interested in the release of IPhone 5 and IPad 2, not in Steve Jobs.
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