Prince of Persia Walkthrough

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Prince of Persia walkthrough two thrones will be discuss here in this share, as you know POP is an interesting puzzle game and probably the most playing game in this world. This was actually my first PC game in 1998, now there come a lot of more new editions of this fantastic game and prince of Persia is available I PS3, Ps2, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Kinetic gaming console.

Mostly people believe that this is the most difficult and hard playing game, but if you know the exact walkthrough guide than it may not difficult anymore. Prince of Persia the two thrones cheats for PC and PS3 are available on various gaming sites and surprisingly most of these tricks are working great.

Prince of Persia have 5 main characters, where Prince, the dark prince and Farah are leading characters of POP where Invisible Guards, Demos and Archer foreman are their worst enemies in the game. Wall Shutters, Curved Walls and Sand Plates are the worst barriers you may face in Prince of Persia walkthrough. Incase of any sudden attack you may press triangle or square button for a quick speed killing of your enemies.

There are various struggling areas that you must face on every stage; you must pay a full attention when you reach at the royal chambers, lower city, the dark alley, the market place, upper city, royal kitchen, magical canal and the upper tower. The Mental Realm of Madness is the last walkthrough in Prince of Persia game and obviously this the most dangerous walkthrough because hungry dogs demons and invisible guards become more powerful at this stage.

Prince of Persia cheats:
You may also use some useful tricks to make a record score in POP like, you can get Baby toy of death weapon secret code only if you finish Prince of Persia in easy mode only. You can also access to the video and art work gallery by defeating the Dark Prince.

You may also download a game app of Prince of Persia for your Android or IPhones from the marketplace.

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