Quotes that Will Make You Cry

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Do you want to cry? Go ahead because there are not such quotes that make you cry or make you laugh out loud; it’s just your inner feelings that urge you to feel happy or become sad. You may think about your life after reading these quotations, cry or laugh, it’s under your control.

  1. If you ignore the rights or happiness of your parents to obtain the happiness of your own kids, than start waiting for your own turn.
  2. Cheating someone is action that let someone else to cheat you.
  3. Suicide is an act of mind violence.
  4. The secret of true happiness is hidden in helping others.
  5. Your life is all about you; try to make your life about others.
  6. Devil may not directly attacks on your mind to misguide you; probably you invite Satan by your self to go wrong.
  7. Nobody can change your life unless you change your mind.
  8. Admit your mistake early escape you from later worst dangers.
  9. Excusing for your mistakes is job of bold people.
  10. A hypocrite friend is more dangerous than an enemy who is going to fire you.
  11. Face beauty must go to end someday, but a beautiful heart never dies.

I have a short time today, I will write more quotes on emotions and felling in near future. Stay blessed.
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