Teachers Day Quotes

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Teachers day will be celebrated on September 5 in the whole world. Various organizations organize workshops, seminars and conferences about the awareness of this very special day. Students like to send beautiful quotations and lovely SMS messages to their school or college teachers every year on this special day.

  • A society cannot be getting regarded without respecting their teachers.
  • A mother is the first teacher and base academy of every child.
  • Teaching is the most precious and most respectable profession in this world.
  • A nation cannot survive without respecting their teachers.
  • A teacher can be a best alternative of a mother.
  • A civilized society is build by a force of able teachers.
  • Teach me one world and made me your slave.
  • A person cannot be succeeded in his life, who does not respect his teachers.
  • The value of a teacher is more than parents.
  • Teacher is a person who cannot be dishonest with his students.
  • A dishonest person cannot be a teacher.

There are various others proverbs are available in Hindi and Urdu about giving regards to your teacher. Most of the above quotes are taken from famous Western philosophers and wise persons.
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