Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries in the World

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Everybody may already know that the Sedan, Ethiopia Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Chad, etc are holding the top position in world most corrupt countries. The countries are also listed under the most corrupt nations, but I think corruption is generated by governments and nations are not really involved in such a big corruption scandals, most of the corruption is done by a small group of people, these people are responsible for the real problem.

In this share we bring a list of top ten least corrupt countries, this is a very interesting list hope you will enjoy to read these true facts.

1. Number one position goes to Iceland, because the numbers of criminal records are less than 0.5 percent.
2. Norway holds the second position in the list of least corrupt countries.
3. You may surprise to know, how Canada comes at third position.
4. My most favorite country Finland holds the 4th position.
5. Yes you guess right, Sweden still holds the 5th position in both least corrupt and most peaceful nations.
6. New Zealand was on the top position in 2009 but now due to some political changes, it falls down on the 6th position.
7. Netherlands is shining on the 7th position.
8. A small island Singapore is the 3rd most peaceful and 8th least corrupted country on the map of this world.
9. Switzerland is a best place for newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon tour without the fear of any corruption.
10. Japan is the most established country in Asia and holds the 10th position in this ranking list.

The above listed data is gathered from Internet sources, the latest report of Transparency International 2011 is not published yet. India may rank a lower position in the new list.

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