Top 10 Stupid Ways to Make Money Fast

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How to get rich make million dollars in 7 days, make money while you sleep, perfect money making scheme, legit getting rich website, etc, are the headlines of various article you may already read on the Internet. Today we bring some more stupid ways to make a rapid income without any investment.

1- Make a million dollar homepage: Make a rubbish website and refill it with funny pixel posters and start selling pixels with a label of make Internet history.

2- Rough Painting: Start throwing pain brush on a white board, use multicolor to make a sketch of your number one enemy; this though may enhance your creativity. Now call world reporters that you make a wonder piece of painting, most generous than Mona Lisa, and sold this piece of sh_t in millions.

3- Make a Youtube Video: Copy some funky lyrics from some poetry book and also copy someone music composition and start singing , also do not forget to full your mouth with potatoes, it make your song more horrible and you can get a million of Youtube views just like Justin Bieber.

4- Make a website against Facebook website and earn millions through advertisement.

5 - Kate Middleton: Dig a school time affair of Kate Middleton and report press media about your discovery and earn million of dollars in a fast way.

6: Travel: Go to Egypt, India or Great Wall of China and dig out some hidden treasure.

7- KFC recipe: Find out the original ingredients of KFC chicken recipe and beat their monopoly.

8- Celebrity boyfriend: Request Britney Spears or Lady gaga to make you their boyfriend, in this way you can enjoy their million dollars too.

9- Discover another America: Today property rates are very high and people demand for more but cheap land, leave your home and start a journey to discover another America.

10- If you failed in all above attempts, than request Bill Gates to adopt you as his new son.

Well all above silly ideas cannot be implemented practically, but there are still many people among us, who may get ready to give a try on some idea. Kindly try at your own risk because this is just a fun post, not an office of your legal advisor, so have fun.

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