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Are you looking for the websites like Google Plus? Google Plus is a brand new social networking site with unique features that you cannot find any where else. Its also a big fact that a king must die someday, like yesterday and still today king of social networking sites is Facebook but we also know that the future of social networking is incomplete without Google +, so truly, there is not site like Google + but yes you can find somewhat similar sites. In today share we are going to discuss top similar websites like Google Plus social network.

1- Facebook: Facebook is not a favorite site any more of the internet users and the addiction of Facebook is just going to end, it’s the biggest competitor of Google Plus and having 70% features similar to G Plus.
2- This is a fantastic social site which attracts a million of users from USA, UK, India and Pakistan. This site was started in 2003 and still alive with million of regular users worldwide.

3- MySpace: The story of is not too old and a few years ago this was the number one social networking website that first time introduced the concept of sharing pictures and video files with your online friends.

4- This is a neat and clean social site without any advertisement crowd, this site is also owned by Google but they fail to compete with Facebook with Orkut. Now Google launches Google Plus with some extra ordinary free feature, in near future users with Orkut login account can access Google + service with same id.

5- This site was first launched in 2002 and mainly attracts Internet users from Indonesia and Philippines. Some of my friends are using this website but I don’t like their features and graphical interface.
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