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Twitter login page is showing a lot of errors every day, indeed this is a big social network with a unique concept of updating people about your routine life works. Mostly I found the errors like, sorry we will be back in a moment, heavy traffic load, unable to complete your request and please try later. These error messages are very frustrated, but we have no alternative of, Twitter is also the best choice for all famous celebrities, every celebrity have a millions of fans on their Twitter account and they update their fans about their every day progress through Titter posting.

Now twitter introduce a new feature of sharing photographs on your Twitter profile, hope they will also enable video sharing very soon. Twitter sign up is completely free for everyone, famous people or celebrities can also verify their account by giving true information about their identity. You can also get a verified Twitter account by contacting their support team.

Twitter apps for IPhone and Blackberry are very comfortable and useful if you travel frequently but don’t want to miss your Twitter fellows. Twitter login through blackberry application is very simple and posting Tweets is also very entertaining with the soft keys.

You can use Twitter API key on your website or mobile application to make a direct connection with your Twitter profile page, or you can use third party ready made free Twitter apps on your website, blog or mobile phone.
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