10 Reasons Why You Can't Quit Google Plus

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Google + is the fastest growing social network, in this share you will learn the importance of Google Plus and these reasons will definitely force you to create a Google Plus account and stay with forever, you may also quit Facebook after reading this post but we do not recommend you to quit or disable your FB account just because the arrival of Google Plus. You are completely free to make your own decision about you’ll be on Google Plus or on Facebook.

Google + is the trademark of Google company, its mean you are going to join the biggest company of the Internet, definitely it will be a great honor for you.

You can play hundreds of free puzzle, action, adventure, etc games on Google Plus games section without purchase any credits.

Make unlimited free video calls or video conferences up to 10 persons in real time with high quality video and voice quality.

Access you Google Plus account without creating a new account, means you can use your old Orkut or Youtube account to access this brand new social network.

Create your personal or business profile which will automatically optimized on all search engines.

Google Plus offers a user-friendly interface and environment for both PC and mobile users; you can also change or create your own profile theme.

Make as many friends as you want from searching the profiles of genuine Internet user’s throughout the world.

Unlike Facebook privacy policies which are hated by millions of Internet users, Google + policies are very clear and do not compromise about user’s privacy and security.

Google + is the most secure social network ever created in the Internet history and nobody can assess your account information through any illegal way.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg also become a part of this exciting social network, so why you left behind?

These are the enough reasons that can encourage you to join Google Plus and never quit it. So make your day by become a part of this most flourishing social networking website and start hangout with your friends.
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