15 Most Ridiculous Quotes

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We are going to enrich our blog with some fun stuff and for this purpose today you will enjoy most ridiculous quotes of all time on our blog. These funny quotations are collected from movies, spokespersons, celebrities, etc.
1. Let me show you, you real face, look at this mirror please.
2. Do you know who discover the moon?
3. Michele Bachmann doesn’t have much knowledge because she is not a scientist.
4. If I made a commitment, than I don’t listen to myself.
5. I had several girlfriends last year, this year I will break out my own record.
6. I hate Facebook because I got trapped by my own wife through FB.
7. You can see the fastest car of the world on some road.
8. A royal blood is special type of blood which cannot be denoted.
9. Let’s play head and tail; oh sorry I lost my cow.
10. How to look like Marilyn Monroe? Prepare yourself for a suicide.
11. Who is Lucille Ball? A Lucille girl, who like to play with balls.
12. Hello my nick name is John Steve Freddy Brown Peter Son.
13. My resume title is “Most wanted”, so you must appoint me today.
14. Honey, I cannot live without you, my future is associated with your bank balance.
15. You make my day, what’s day today?
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