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Android market offers more than 50 apps for locking and unlocking android screen; you can select paid apps, free apps or donate apps according to your choice and requirements. The question arise here is why you want an Android screen lock app? If you want to personalize your Android and do not want anyone to access your mobile than you must need this must have application.

We are going to discover most top rated Android lock screen apps which will guaranteed disable your Android screen for everyone except you.

Screen Off and Lock: This is the most prominent application available in Android market which let you disable your device just with a single touch.

Lock Screen App: This is also a free application available at Android apps store, I find this app very useful because it comes with a built in uninstaller too.

AnyUnlock: In cases your power button broken in some accident than do not kick out your device in dustbin; you can use this special app to get control over your power button through volume keys.

Screen Filter: This is another special featured app which enables you to lock your screen and also reduce its lightning power to minimum, this feature saves your battery life and you can enjoy your Samsung Galaxy with double battery time.

All above stated applications are free to download, in case you want premium editions you can also get free premium apps from GetJar official site. You can also try screen of widget 
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