Best Free Blackberry Apps Ever

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After Android and Iphone, Blackberry is the most widely used mobile phone in the world. It’s also the most favorite mobile device of President Barack Obama but due to some security risk he give-up its use.  Blackberry is the first choice of executive class people and it becomes a status symbol in elite class due to its high prices in mobile market. Recently Blackberry introduces their latest cell phones for economy class and now it become not expensive any more. So if you recently buy a new Blackberry mobile like Blackberry torch3, storm 3 or Playbook than you must need a bundle of free must have Blackberry apps.

You come at the right place, in this share we will introduce top 10 most wanted and best rated Blackberry applications.

1- Facebook: Its new edition let you operate Skype video chat and text chat with your FB friends.
2- Twitter: Can you live without updating your status on your Twitter page?
3- Google Plus: Its new app for Blackberry but it’s worthy to download and makes new friends on a new social network.
4- ISpeech Translator: ISpeech is officially launched by Iphone but its Blackberry version is also available on ITunes store.
5- Pandora: If you love radio than you cannot live without Pandora free radio app.
6- CrunchSMS:  Send or receive free text messages on your Blackberry with a new style.
7- Doodle Monsters: Lovely themes with a lot of animations and multi color screens.
8- Photo Studio: Edit a picture is never so easy.
9- BlackBerry Travel: Plan or manage all your journeys in a new stylish way, it’s your new trip advisor.
10- Free Chess: Play free chess game in your free time.

All these Blackberry applications are free to download from Blackberry App world.
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