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Download your free Bing map Android SDK to active this great must have application on your Android device. Well Google map app for Android is also a best choice for the users who are interesting in different locations and don’t like to bother with finding location, Google maps plugin for Android make your navigation much easy and faster than paid navigators.

Bing maps also have some pros and cons, which I will discuss in some other share, but the most beneficial advantage of using Bing maps is its support for KML vectors, this option is invisible in Google apps, plus you can navigate a crystal clear location photos through Android Bing maps app.

By using Bing app you can find a graphical map of a complete city or road and also business portals too. If you are living in United States or Canada than you can also find exact locations of petrol pump, gas stations, restaurants, pharmacy stores, etc.

Android application for Bing map is not created by Microsoft; it’s an open source app which is developed by Codeplex team and they fully developed Android SDK for Bing maps completely in AJAX coding. You can use or integrate SDK or API of Bing maps into your self made locator a any navigation application.
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