Birthday Surprise Ideas for Husband

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Your wife may fire you from bedroom incase you forget her birthday, so wishing a birthday is an important duty of all husbands and nobody can take risk forget this special date. This post is specially written for poor husbands, which teach them how to give a birthday surprise to their wives and win their hearts. So if you really want to please your sweet wife with a pleasant birthday surprise than you must like these fabulous ideas.

Learn how to make a paper flower, make a paper flower in front of your wife and give her this flower with some other special gift according to your salary.

  1. Write your wife name with candles in an empty room or on the roof and show her.
  2. Go out on her birthday by saying I am going out city and will come after 2 days, come back on the same night with a bunch of flowers and gifts.
  3. Sing a special romantic song for your wife and upload it on Youtube and than send the link of Youtube video through a text message.
  4. Make an emergency call to your wife and ask her to open the door, than invite her with love for a romantic candle light dinner.
  5. Purchase her most favorite perfume, jewelry, dress or ring for a birthday gift.

Hope you like these romantic ideas, you can add more unique and bit different ideas in the comments below.

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