Drag Racing Android Tips

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Drag racing android app tips and tricks given on the most gaming sites are not working well, like some gurus advice that selecting S2000 car at level three can tune up your speed and you can easily beat the competition. You may also try this Drag racing tip but it gives a zero result in most cases.

Before touch the topic of Drag racing cheat codes, let’s discuss, why Drag racing is getting too much popularity in Android marketplace? Actually Drag racing is the first racing game that comes in Android apps market with some realistic controls, plus you can challenge any one in online mode. You can select your favorite car of your favorite color from a wide range of more than hundred cars.

You can also upgrade you car performance and engine power by winning more levels. You can beat top class racers by playing Drag racing online, yes if your Android device is connect with internet than you can participate in Drag racing online car racing challenges and high light your name by winning a top score.

The only cheat that I know about drag racing is that you must select car wisely and do not forget to give it a try before your final selection. Every car has its unique features and benefits so always buy the car which suits you most. Also drive carefully at level 7 and level 9 because roads are very slippery and you can lost your car during a speedy over take.
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