Free Kids Army Games

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Army and military games are full of passion and, adventure and thrill. Mostly kids are mad about these games and they like to spend their weekends and free time by playing these army fighting games. These games are very helpful for your kid if he want to join army because such games boost their mind power and let them design a strategy plan on immediate basis.

We categories this post into two parts, one about army games apps for Android phones and the second category is consist on Iphone army games applications. So here we go.

Army action games for Android:
1- U.S. Army Survival Guide: This game will teach you about basis strategy plan in case of enemy army attack.
2- Army Sniper: Another great army game, in which you have to train your soldier as a sniper and kill your enemies.
3- Army Attack: This is a free Android app in which you have to get back your territory by attack on enemy military.
4- Army Creeds: Join Special Forces to remove terrorists from your land.
5- Army War Lite: This is my favorite game based on real army strategies.

Army Apps for Iphone:
1- USA Army Today: This is not a game but give you real time news updates from US army.
2- Army Strong: A powerful game that let you strong your soldiers by various training programs.
3- Army of Darkness: This is a action game which is compatible with your IPod, Iphone, TV and PC.
4- Doodle Army Boot Camp: This is a free Iphone game which is the most famous app at Apps brain.
5- The Salvation Army Bellringer: A specially designed app for US soldiers to learn about wise tactics in case of enemy attack.
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