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Fullonsms Review:
Fullonsms is a new free SMS site which jump into the competition in 2009 with the offer of unlimited free SMS to any mobile network in India, they are also working on the project which enable existing users to send International text messages by using credits, they can send limited text messages on world wide mobile networks too. 95% users come on Fullon sms site from India and the rest of users are belongs to United States, UK and Canada.

Fullonsms login page is not disappoint their users like other free sites do, the up time of Fullonsms.com is 99.99 and till to date no body post any complaint about Full on sms login failure.

You can also download their application in case you are using a smartphone from Android marketplace, Fullonsms app give you the option of one click login or always connected with Fullonsms to send and receive free SMS messages from Indian mobile numbers,  After sign in at your Fullonsms account you can send and receive free SMS messages from the following mobile operators in India, BSNL, Tata, RELIANCE, Airtel, Vodafone, Telenor, STC and China Mobile.

Fullonsms full form of sap or ERP software, like their mobile application does not support all mobile phones. It supports new models of Samsung, LG and Iphone 4. You can also use their PC software if you don’t like to login from their official website.

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  1. Registration fail fullonsms application for mobile

  2. I am looking for Fullonsms desktop client download link, I searched it on Cnet but unable to find.

  3. I love Full on SMS and cancel my registration from Way2sms, they were sending me a lot of spam text messages on my mobile number.


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