Funny Questions to Ask

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Some questions are very ridiculous and cannot y answer by any scholar or a wise person. If you ask such unanswerable question than people may call you mad or crazy.

As you know we just starts a fun mania on our blog so this time I bring out some funny questions to asks, these are the hardest riddles that cannot be answered by anyone. Yes you can bet on these questions with your friends and they cannot even answer a single question.

Why monkeys with two brains are stupid and humans are intelligent with only one?
What is the mystery of a black hole?
Can you take a bath with soap and without water?
How can you see dreams in a dream?
What are the limits of pain?
Why aliens attack only on United States?
Why the color of rose is red without blood?
Why there is no supergirl or batgirl?
What is the last name of Devil?
Why there is a sweat on dog tongue?
Can you touch your elbow with your tongue?
Can you swim in air?
What is the difference between earth and planet earth?
Why planet Pluto disappears from our solar system?
Who come alive from Bermuda triangle?
What is hotter, Tea or coffee?
Can you give a complete definition of a woman?
Who is Lady Gaga, a guy or a gal?
Who is more powerful, superman or Spiderman?
Why you cannot catch electricity?
Adolf Hitler is dead or still alive?
Who discover the England?
Why only queens rule over England, why not a king?

I think these are enough, if you ask all these weird questions at once to anyone, he may fire a case against you. Feel free to ask these ridiculous questions on Facebook and other social networks to make fun with your friends.
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