Funny Quotes about Moving On

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Everybody needs some helping and encouraging quotes about moving on after a break up, from their family and friends. It’s a fact that such moving on saying and quotes are really necessary for a broken heart person to continuous about his/her normal life.

There are two ways to motivate someone about moving on forward from the past, first way is to open a book of old sayings and teach him what old people thoughts about such incidents or what is favorite quote from grand mother tales about your tragedy, the second option is bit cool, you can encourage your friend to move on happy life by telling him some funny things on how he can start a new life without her ex.

Hi buddy just moving on for search a new girlfriend.
Your breakup can affect our friendship but cannot our soccer match, so getup and get ready for a new challenge.
Always remember that a train and a girl must be move on, so kick out sadness and wait for another.
Your silly face looks like a bitter cucumber, come on lets try some more bitter.
I like two things about you first loosing heart on your every breakup and second thing is repeating same thing again and again.

Kindly add your opinions or real examples from your own experience about how you encourage your friends to move on after a breakup.

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