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In last month we write a lot about how to invite new friends in Google Plus, Google Plus login page, make account and competition between Facebook and Google +, in this share we will discuss about how to register or sign up for Google Plus account. We are discussing this matter because so many users are asking for creating Google Plus account but they do not know how t do this.

Well till to date, Google Plus sign up page is not officially available on the Google Plus official site and you cannot find their sign up page through Google or Yahoo search, because it is not publicly available to everyone.

How to sign up for Google Plus:
There are  only two possible ways to register a free new account on Google Plus, first option is to get some invitation from your friend or a person who have a registered account on this new social network and he is willing to add you in his friends circle. Second option is far away to work because you can sign up for a new account after the final o public release of Google +, right now you can put your email address in the waiting queue, Google will inform you about their G+ launch or may be they will start sending more invitations to people who enrolled their emails.

Friendly speaking, I also do not have a Google Plus account so kindly do not demand me to send you Google plus invitation, but I will offer invitations to my blog reader if I got register on G+ before ending their Beta test.
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