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Google Plus toolbar is not officially launched by Google + team yet, but you can use various third parties toolbars that giving you the power to connect with your Google Plus friend circle all the time during your Internet browsing. These toolbars are giving only limited functions in regard to your Google Plus account, like you may stay connect with Google Plus during suffering through Mozilla Firefox browser or Internet explorer, right now there is no toolbar is available for Google Chrome.

1. Have a look at the following features that Google Plus users are aspect from them.
2. Real time connection with Google Plus friends
3. Setting a status option e.g. busy, available, offline, online, away, etc.
4. Real time chat with Google + friends
5. Google Plus hangout widget must be enabling on the toolbar to start video chat with your friends any time.
6. G+ must be supported to all famous Internet browsers such as, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape, Internet explorer, Safari, etc.
7. This toolbar must be compatible on every Operating system like Mac, Ubuntu, Android, Iphone, IPad, Nokia, Windows, Linux, etc.
8. Google Plus toolbar must be equipped with install, un-install and update options.
9. A pop up or alarm ring if you got any new message or updates from friends in each circle.

Obviously these are the best and most wanted features that a user can dream about, Facebook toolbar is really a great thing and we also want more sophisticated and unique features in G Plus toolbar.
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