How to Delete Friends From Google Plus

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Google start enjoying its competition with Facebook after the launch of their most powerful social network in the world, which is not other than Google Plus. You may surprise to read that why I call Google +, so powerful, the answer is so simple because Google + already contains the basic features of every social networking site plus it have its own extra ordinary new features that we are expecting in Facebook, this is he reason its so powerful and its called Google Plus.

Every network or project has its positive and negative points from various aspects. Right now we do not hear any complaints about Google + but in future may be people start talking about Google + drawbacks, as they are now talking about Facebook. Any how this is not our point, in this article I will teach you about how to delete friends in Google plus and also how to add new friends in your Google Plus circle.

How to delete friends from Google +: This process is not complicated at all, first of all you have to select a circle from where you want to remove your Google Plus friend, than select your targeted friend and click on the remove button, you may get a warning like, do you really want to delete this friend from your circle, click on yes and you done.

How to add new friend in Google Plus: Adding a new friend in your friends circle is also very easy, you can add your friend in the selected circle through Google Plus search and drag them into your circles down or giving his Google Plus id. Your friend must approve your invitation to make a mutual friendship on Google Plus.
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