How to Delete a Hotmail Account

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Hotmail is the Microsoft first emailing service that was launched with the birth of Internet in 1996 and with in a few years it becomes the world biggest serving email client, at starting Hotmail starts premium and free account services with 2MB data storage, but now its free account data storage is unlimited and its new interface and loading time is 10 times faster tan its first version. So many users are really tired from Hotmail iniciar session and they want to delete their hotmail accounts, also remember that Live and MSN are also the trademarks of Microsoft and these clients are also giving free email services with various other features.

A few months ago we already discussed Hotmail sign in problems, which is also another reason to deleting email accounts on Hotmail. Gmail and Yahoo mail already crashed MSN monopoly in email industry and they catch a million of hotmail users on their free email programs. I am still using a hotmail account from the last 7 years and I have no complaint against there service, any how the choice is your, keep it or delete it.

Deleting a hotmail account is just a one click away after your successful login into your account, but before deleting you hotmail account keep in mind that it will also remove your associate accounts on MSN and services.

Go to My account page after sign in your Hotmail inbox, at the bottom line of this page you may see an option of “close account” click on this link and admit that you really want to delete your hotmail account forever and you cannot recover your account in future, unless you sign up for a new account.

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