How to Get Free Amazon Kindle

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Amazon Kindle is an awesome electronic device like pocket PC which gives you the facility of reading online books from Amazon book shop through a Wi-Fi connection. Amazon Kindle is inspired from Sony Reader, which was the first device designed for reading eBooks. The price of both readers are somewhat same, you can purchase Amazon Kindle from just for 140$, but what if you get Amazon Kindle for free? Yes I am not kidding you, if you are really interested in getting your free Kindle wireless reading device than you have to follow these tips.

Go to Amazon official website and signup for an affiliate partner, make your own Amazon shopping widget by selecting products of your own choice or just select ready made widget with top selling Amazon products, now integrate this widget into your website and blog, if you don’t have any blog or website then you can put this affiliate widget on Hub pages website which give you option to earn through Amazon sales from their website by writing articles.

Now start promoting Amazon store on your website and earn referral commission of every sale through your website. When you reached up to 150$ in your Amazon account than withdraw your amount into your Paypal account and purchase Amazon Kindle from you web or blog reference and earn commission on your own sale.
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