How to Play FarmVille on Google Plus

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FarmVille app for Google Plus is still not officially launched t the platform of Google + games but as you know FarmVille is the most playing game of Facebook and the addictive people of this game are not ready to leave Facebook just because of FarmVille. Currently FB has 775 million registered users and 15% users are using Facebook to play various types of games there and FarmVille is top in the list.

Google Plus testing period is over and now you can sign up a free account without any invitation or referral link, you can enjoy a dozens of interesting features and also play a lot of flash based games without buying credits. Angry birds is the top ranking and most playing game on Google Plus, this game was first released for Android devices but now you can play it free on Google games or on G+, but what about FarmVille? Well FarmVille is originally owned by Zynga developers and Facebook purchased the rights of integration this stunning game in their games section. As we know that a lot of Facebook employees and developers are leaving FB and joining Google Pus, so we can also assume that Zynga developers may cancel their agreement with Facebook and join hands with Google Plus to generate more revenue, or they may sign a new contract with Google Plus too, to launch FarmVille game on this new social networking site which is also the biggest competitor of Facebook.

FarmVille cheats are available on various games sites and this is also the main reason of the popularity of this game because cheat codes bring more excitement and passion for FarmVille lovers to generate more and more credits by applying these cheats. These cheats may not apply for FarmVille on Google Plus because the new version of FarmVille will be much different than its old version.

Interesting facts about FarmVille
FarmVille is a live Facebook game which has more than 120 million users all around the world.
You can earn money through FarmVille credit system.
The owner’s o FarmVille is facing more than 50 cases, which are based on user complaints.
FarmVille boost tractors sale in United States and Canada.
Sorority Life, Farm Mania, Papaya Farm and Tropical Farm are the games same like FarmVille.
There is no official app available of FarmVille to play this game on Iphone and Android phones.
FarmVille is the biggest barrier for Google Plus to compete Facebook.
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