How to Use Reverse Phone Lookup

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Whitepages is the world biggest online reverse phone directory which let you lookup the owner address of any landline or mobile phone. This is a free directory and do not require any set up fee or registration to utilize their services. You can also create a free account at to get feedback or custom reports into your inbox.  White Pages is a useful site, unlike Yellow pages it do not charge any fee to enroll your name or business in the directory. This website was created in 1996 and more than 15 million users everyday get benefits from this website. Let’s have look at most prominent features of

Find People:-
This is a new feature that is recently added in this site which let you find a person just by giving his first or last name just like Pipl, you can also specify his State, Zip code or city to refine your results. People lookup feature of White is only works for permanent residents of United States; you cannot find a person from out site the America or migrants.

Find a Business:-
Just specify the name of business or company name with State you can get the exact address and location map of your desired business, for example if you want to search Pizza Hut or Chase Bank locations in California than simply type Pizza Hut in search box and California in State box and trigger the find button, it will show you all Pizza Hut branches with location map in California, more over you can get phone numbers of your desired Pizza Hut branch.

Reserve Phone:- 
Reserve phone lookup is the mot important feature of Whitepages because its an updated database of all landline phone numbers of America, you can also lookup a reserve mobile phone and get the address and name of phone owner through this search.

Address and Neighbors:-
This is a brand new feature of; you can claim a free public profile in this section a make a social tree with on this site by inviting your neighbors into your circle. This is similar to Facebook or Google + friends circle and you can create a free online community with the collaboration of your neighbors.

If you are living outside the America like India, Brazil, France, etc than you can use the local version of White Pages for a free reverse phone or cell phone lookup.
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