It’s My Birthday Quotes

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Birthday is a special event which comes only once in a year in everyone’s life, only 7.9% people in this world really celebrate the birthdays and only 25% gets best wishes and greetings on this special occasion. There are also 11% people on the world who really don’t know what the hell this birthday is and why to celebrate it.

Now the trend of Birthday printed cards and gifts is also decreasing very fast and people only like to wish someone birthday through SMS or posting a birthday quote on friends walls.

You can chill on your birthday by posting these cool BD quotes and sayings on your Facebook wall, believe me this is a new way to celebrate your own birthday.

1. It’s my birthday buddy so clap three times by singing “happy birthday to you” when you read this wall message.
2. You can order 1 Pizza, 1 Pepsi, 2 drum sticks, 3 chicken roles and one burger for me to wish me on my birthday, hurry you got only 3 hours left.
3. As you know friends today is my birthday and I promised Britney Spears and Rihanna for a date, so don’t make any SMS or call on my cell, it may disturb my date plan.
4. Hi Jimmy, your girlfriend invited me on a date for my birthday celebration, see you tomorrow, have a fun.

You can use these funny birthday sayings only for you own birthday on your Twitter account, FB or on your Google Plus friends circle.

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