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Watching cricket is a big craze for cricket lovers, it’s a kind of addiction and some people really cannot live without cricket. A normal one day cricket match take up to 12 hours, 20-20 take 4 to 6 hours and test match take several days,  a job holder or a student cannot get enough time except on weekends to see all cricket matches live on their TV, so is there any solution to get live updates about cricket score? Yes there are several ways through which you can get live score of all cricket matches directly on your mobile phone.

First way is quite easier, just subscribe on any mobile network in India, Bangladesh, Siri lanka, England, Pakistan, Australia, etc to get live score SMS alerts on your mobile phone, the mobile company must deduct a minor fee on every SMS alert. The second way is more exciting because its completely free and you can watch live video streaming of your favorite mobile matches, like IPL, ICC, T20, etc legally on your mobile phones, for this purpose you can download and Install Cricinfo mobile application to watch live matches.

You can also download free cricket apps for your Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Iphone to get latest updates of live cricket matches. We will also introduce all free cricket apps for Android and Iphone in next few days.
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