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Moshi Monsters for Android may released very soon in Android marketplace. Android games lover are eagerly waiting for the official release of Moshi Monsters game app for Android, but they may be don’t know that, they can still play Moshi Monsters game on their Android phone. In this short tutorial we will teach you about how you can get ready your Android device for Moshi Monsters without download or installing any application on your Android phone. It is also true that there is not any application for Moshi Monster available in the marketplace.

Let’s begin the magic here, first of all let me clear that to get full enjoyment while playing Moshi Monsters on your Android, you must need a Samsung Galaxy Tab or you can also apply this tick on your HTC Desire devices, these phones are best for flash animations and you already know that Moshi Monsters is flash based game.

Also remember that only register members of Moshi can play this game on their Android devices, non members must need a registration and than login access to play this game. Now follow the following steps to enable Moshi on your phone.

  • Open Mini browser on your Samsung Galaxy and than connect your device to the internet.
  • Go to browser URL tab and type and press enter.
  • Sign in at Moshi Monsters login page with your username and password.
  • Select light medium mode after your login at Moshi.
  • Start game by selecting Moshlings or Roxy.
  • Apply cheat codes on every level to by pass all stages in a short time.

You can also download and install Moshi Monsters theme from Android market, or you can create your free Moshi Monsters theme with Android theme creator.
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