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Peek you is another widely used search engine to find lost people or business contact, you can also say Peekyou is a private spy because it is not only limited to find people addresses but also give you a detail report of your required person about his social activities.

What you can find about a person by using The answer is really very surprising because it really an incredible results. By giving a name of a person at Peekyou search bar you can find his complete physical address, his business profile, his listening in Yellow pages, his virtual profiles on various social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hi5, Orkut, etc. For example if you make a free people search by giving name “Brenda Reyes” by using a specific location like USA, than it will show you personal details of all ladies with name Brenda Reyes living in United States, you can also refine or filter your search by giving her State Zip code or city name. Besides her residence address, phone number and business you can also see her MySpace and Twitter profiles.

How Peekyou works?
Same like Pipl, Peekyou also used a deep web search algorithm to collect each and every thing about a person through various websites and social networks. You cannot find personal information of your required person on Peekyou if he doesn't have any online record. You may find his home address through white pages directory, but you cannot find his social profiles.

You can also use Peek you Android application on your smartphone to find personal information’s about people around you.
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