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Pipl is the world wide people search engine; you can say that pipl.com is the most intelligent website that give you very accurate results about your search terms. Unlike other people finding paid search engines, this is absolutely free and also does not require any signup or login to start search about finding people.

Pipl automatically detect your location and give you advance search options to find any person from your own country or any other country. If you browse www.pipl.com from India than it automatically detect that you belongs to India and give you options like, insert person first and last name, city and state name, when you give these information, pipl will automatically detect all persons of your targeted name from the targeted city and state of India. Same you can perform these searches from any country in the world.

Why Pipl is the best service?
Pipl is the best free service which helps you to find your lost friends or family members in abroad or in your own country, means you can find your lost friend or business contact persons without paying any fee to private detective. Pipl shows exact matches and similar name with different surnames too, it also provide street address, telephone numbers, mobile number, fax number, etc.

You can also submit your own information in Pipl directory, this way you permit people to find your home address just giving by your name on Pipl people search engine. Pipl performs a deep web search query on all search engines and web directories to collect information about your search; you can search a person through his name, through his email or phone number. Pipl will also show result about registration of targeted person on various social networks, business directories and news entries.

Currently this website shows 90% accurate results for people search in United States and 70% accuracy for people search in UK, People from Asian countries in Pipl search directory database are somewhat difficult to find because mostly people registered on social sites with fake information and addresses.

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