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Lady Kitty is a house escape game which is developed by, this is a latest flash based game which is free to play only if you have an online internet connection, and you can also download this game on your computer or Android phone to play it in offline mode.

Lady Kitty Escape Walkthrough
This is very simple and full of fun game and you really do not need any cheat codes or walkthroughs to operate this game. You can use your common sense and follow the helping sins to rescue Lady Kitty cat for a successful escape. On level one, the Lady Kitty was locked up in a room and you have to follow arrow signs to remove objects a clear a way for her escape. Kitty is a beautiful white cat which is somewhat similar to Lady Gaga, who can also entertain you by singing and dancing on the room floor. In case you do not find any way to escape, you can start playing with various stuffs placed in the locked room.

Also keep in mind that free yourself from Lady Kitty house in by default given time is not so easy, so you must increase the time limit from the game setting plus you can select easy mode, advance mood or hard mode too according to your experience. So best of luck and start your mission to help out Lady Kitty in escaping from house.
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