Top 10 IPhone 5 Rumors

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There are various rumors about IPhone 5 are circulating on the Internet, some of these features are really unbelievable for me. Today we will discuss some IPhone rumors that some crazy Bloggers are shouting about. You can also add what rumors, unbelievable and funny features you heard or read about the release date of IPhone 5 or its features.  Here the list what, I am talking about.

1. IPhone 5 best feature is its censor that let you dial any mobile number by just typing in the air.
2. IPhone 5 comes with an invisible casing, which is made up of some special material.
3. The price of IPhone 5 will be 2500$.
4. IPhone 5 will be equipped with a scanner and movie projector.
5. Its also equipped with an artificial intelligence program which will entertain you by chatting with you in free time.
6. You can use Android apps on Iphone 5.
7. NFC shopping option will be available in new Iphone.
8. Iphone apps store access will be free for first 10000 buyers of Iphone five.
9. You can track the location of your Iphone through a special code, so the fear of lost is not a fear anymore.
10. The release date of Iphone 5 will be 21 December 2012.

Do you believe any above rumor? Kindly inform us about your ideas and predictions about Iphone 5, your valuable comments can make this share more exciting.
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