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Does your Tumblr login page not working and you get error problems? There might be two reasons, you are putting wrong password or id or you are trying to access Tumblr old theme through some mobile application. If you are trying to access Tumblr login page through some Android or Iphone app than you must update your application to make it compatible with new Tumblr layout.

You may also face sign in problems at Tumblr if you change Tumblr URL, because you cannot apply old user name to access new Tumblr account. You can also sign up for a new account on Tumblr if you get tired from your old blog.

There is no doubt that Tumblr is the best micro blogging service available on the Internet, there is no alternative of Tumblr right now. Twitter is now trying to copy Tumblr features in its new interface, as you noticed that they are now offering photo posting option and may be in near future they also allow video posting on Twitter just like Tumblr.

There are various fake websites on the internet that are offering you Tumblr login through their site, do not trust such a websites because till to date Tumblr do not allow third parties to access their API.

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