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Leave a Comment helps you to increase the number of followers on your Twitter account just by integrating your Twitter account with Twiend. Twiends launched in 2009 with a unique concept of Twitter directory, as you know Twitter ranked first position in the race of free social bookmarking sites list and it now become unbeatable. Hundreds of national and international celebrities joined Twitter and they have a millions of Twitter followers and this is the easiest way to update their followers through tweeting.

You may find a lot of Twiends alternative but just like Twitter, Twiends also makes its firm seat in the race of Twitter related sites, so if you want to seriously build up a huge list of Titter followers without following anyone or without paying for any campaign than Twiends is the best place that can do it for you without any charges.

How Twiends work?
Twiends is basically a third part Twitter app which let you sign up on their site through your Twitter account and than you can select categories of your own interest, in every category you got Twitter users of same interest, like if you select a fashion category than you can see thousands of Fashion related Twitter blogs and persons there, you can join them and let them join you too without doing any advertisement.

The term Twiends seeds is used to gain popularity at, means more followers means more seeds and the top seeders also visible on the homepage of Twiends, as you can see Lady Gaga, NBA, Tony Hawk, etc are visible on the front page with maximum number of Twitter followers. So just sign up at Twiends today and start getting more and more Twitter followers in a short time.

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