Virtual City Android Cheats

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Virtual City app for Android is the best game of the year which is rated by all age groups. Virtual City was launched on 1st September by and till to date more than 1.5 million people already downloaded this exciting game on there Android devices. Virtual City is a free app to download directly through Android marketplace, if you are registered users of Android market than you can also download this game directly on your Android device.

G5 entertainment games like Supermarket Mania 2, Stand O'Food and Mystery of the Crystal Port are also free games which are available on their official site and as well as on Android market website. I like G5 guys because they are highly experts in producing high quality graphical games in a small size, you can also join their Facebook fan page to support them and obviously you must support them because they are offering high quality game apps for free.

Virtual City Walkthrough
Virtual City cheats are released on various game forums but if you try those cheats or walkthrough tricks while playing Virtual City than most probably you will lose the real fun. This game in real does not need any cheats because this is a creative game and your objective of playing this game is to enhance your creativity.

To understand the walkthrough and strategy of Virtual City you must watch its Demo first, and when you start this game first of all made a clear architect of your City and start building small buildings and roads first, like schools, parks, etc. Your road map must be very easy to follow and also leave some extra space along road sides to build link roads or bus stops. Also do not forget to place traffic signals and build alternative ways like underpass and bridges in most populated areas.

So if you really want to make fun on Virtual City than do not use any cheat codes in this game and use your own mind to build a good looking city which will also a master piece of modern architect and earn special achievements. There are only 50 challenging levels you have to face in this game and accepting challenges is good deed.
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