10 Funny Ways to Reject a Job Offer

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Today world is facing economical crises and job rate in every country including United States is dropped day by day. Thousands of people are protesting against Wall Street monopoly and demanding for job vacancies all over the world. Office based and home based jobs are reducing to minimum and people are ready to do work on minimum daily wages to run their families.

You may surprise to read the title of this post in such a serious environment, but what if you received a job letter from a circus to drive a bicycle at the speed of 120 km/hr in death well? Or you received a job offer from national zoo to feed hungry crocodiles; can you do these dangerous jobs in the environment of economical crises? Definitely 99% of you reject such kind of odd jobs. So in case if you really got such a job offer, don’t you worry, we will teach you about how to refuse such a job offer in a decent and bit funny way.

How to reject a job offer on phone?

  1. I am pregnant guy so kindly search another guy for this brilliant job.
  2. I am getting rid of such a bright future opportunities.
  3. Can you afford me? I eat gold some times.
  4. Sorry sir I just hold the position of Superman and I don’t have any spare time to do your boring job.
  5. I received a call from Hollywood, hope you never mind.
  6. I just hired by Apple for a replacement of Job Steve.
  7. Can you offer me CEO post to hire my unique abilities, if not than hire some other candidate.
  8. Don’t disturb me with your stupid offers.
  9. You cannot afford me, understand?
  10. I will fire a case about you if you send me another job offer letter.

Can you dare to refuse a job in such a funky way?
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