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Bank of America is the largest bank of United States; it is the most reliable source of countrywide home loans, student loans, mortgage loans and various other types of loans. BOFA is also successfully operated in Mexico and India; its foreign clients are mostly International companies who are operating their business in United States. Bank of America offers various types of bank accounts like, saving accounts, current accounts, online accounts, military accounts, student accounts, etc.  This is the most secure banking network located in America, you may also call it the world most secure banking system same like Swiss banks.

If you owned an account at Bank of America than you can also access your bank account through the internet and generate custom reports, you can also send or deposit money just by sign in at your Bank of America login page. If you are addicted to shopping than you may apply for a credit card but if you are frequent traveler or businessman than you may also use BOFA ATM card, you can find Bank of America locations on their website, it almost giving you ATM facility in every city and town of nation wide.

How to login at
You can login at same like as you sign in at ordinary websites or social networking websites. First of all you have select your location e.g. Alaska, California, Washington, etc than you have to choose your account type e.g. 529 College Savings Plan, Business Connect, Military Bank Online, etc. After login at your Bank of America login you can pay your bill, transfer funds, get online assistance services, etc.

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