Battlefield 3 Cheats

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Battlefield 3 is just coming out from its Beta version and a lot of users already learn the complete walkthrough of this game through limited free edition. Unlike Battlefield 2 you cannot apply short key tricks and cheating codes in the new interface of Battlefield, you must play a fair game by abiding the rules and regulations declared in game helping manual. In the latest version3of Battlefield all characters are equipped with latest guns and equipments to fight against terrorist groups and underworld gangsters.

The ideal system requirement for Battlefield is core quad Intel original processor, you can also install and play Battlefield 3 on core 2do or dual core processor too but you may not enjoy a high quality animation and graphical effects on your old PC, so if you really want to catch the full fledge thrill of Battlefield 3 than you must upgrade your computer before installation, the demo version do not make any conflict on the minimum requirement but for a pro version you must need extra processing speed. Xbox 360 users can still enjoy the 3rd version without any changes in their device because EA specially designed this game for Xbox 360 live users.

You can also join Battlefield 3 forum to learn more about Bad Company tips and tricks. By joining their discussion forum you can also win rewards by posting best cheats and tricky guides. You can also make and record the video clips of your Battlefield 3 playing sessions and get rating from other forum users.

Like previous version, Corporal Jonathan Miller is the main character in BF 3 and you can notice a little change in his dressing and hair style, most of the time he wears a cap but after completing a mission you can see him without cap. You can also join Jono fan page on the Facebook to post your reviews about the experience of Battlefield 3.
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